First Blog Problem…

I think I overthink when it comes to writing for my blog. I start out all motivated and excited. Certain that I have this genius idea that will inspire million. But then I start writing and I feel myself becoming more and more uncertain…….. Do other people really want to read something like this? Do people really want to read about the petty details of my day? Haven’t a thousand other bloggers written exactly the same?

And sometimes I start googling blog ideas, but nothing really clicks and then I come across all these rules and regulations and guidelines and tips and I’m like AAAAAAAAAAAH overwhelmed!!! (Is there a noun for overwhelmed? Overwhelmtion??)

It mostly ends with me being scared, unmotivated and confused. Even as I am writing this post I keep thinking: Will other people read this? Will other people care? How will they react? I’m probably assaulting gazillion blogging rules….

Then I stand up. Walk around. Do a little dance. Get frustrated and just stop writing all together.

I’m telling you it is taking up all my energy not to delete this very post.

Uuugh now I’m harassing myself into coming up with a good ending. Something with a positive twist that will keep things interesting. Something that will give this post meaning.

I got nothing….. Sorry guys….. And I apologize for all the ranting. It’s something I do when I’m annoyed. If you kept reading until here I applaud you and shall hereby reward you with a picture of a frappuccino πŸ˜‰

Starbucks Frappuccino2

Have a wonderful day πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “First Blog Problem…

  1. Well, I read it.
    It happens to me too, sometimes I start and have nothing. Or write a whole post and then delete it.
    The picture is good reward, but a gift card would be better hahahaha just kidding.
    Have a nice Sunday !


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