Facing one of my biggest fears….

Oh my Lord, they are like my biggest fear!!!!
(well maybe not biggest but they’re pretty high up there. Right after needles and dentists that is….) Seriously if I could, I would probably go to the hairdresser’s once every YEAR.  Unfortunately the art of hair-cutting is something I cannot master (and my stupid hair just won’t stop growing) thus I am forced to face my fears on a regular basis. The most recently being yesterday.
*involuntary shudder*
 You see, I got 2 problems. A few years back I decided to chop off all my hair and go with a short bouncy haircut (which, in my opinion, suits me better than long hair) However it means I have to go to the hairdressers more often than before….. Also, I get bored with my hairstyle quite often so I’m constantly trying out new hairdos. But sometimes these new cuts go wrong….
And because I have this terrible habit of combining the “happiness level” of my day with the “goodlookingness” of my hair (I know. I know. Completely IDIOTIC.) A bad haircut means about 6 weeks of having an annoying little voice telling me, “Yeah but your hair looks like cra bird’s nest” and, no matter how good the day was, a look in the mirror can completely throw my off. I know, I know bad habit. Reeeeally, reeeaaaally bad. I hate that  voice. Despise it. Gonna have to get ride of the little sucker sometime soon, but I digress…
So anyway I had to go to the hairdresser’s yesterday, with plans of renewing my hairstyle and I swear I thought I was going to burst into tears when  she finish blow drying my hair and I (in my opinion) looked TERRIBLE!! Ok maybe not that bad. I wasn’t about to tear up, but I was pretty inconsolable for the rest of the day. Thank goodness I decided to wash my hair this morning and blow dry them again because turns out the lady doing my hair just sucks at drying hair!!!!! Yaaaaay 😀
Wow, I just read through the post. I sound pretty vain don’t I?? I promise I’m not that bad………………..
Do you have weird, unreasonable fears, as well? If so what do you do to prevent/handle them? O.O
Happy Sunday Everyone!!! 😉

4 thoughts on “Facing one of my biggest fears….

  1. I used to be terrified of the dentist, which is a common fear. However, 4 years ago, the first time I went to a dentist in Spain, he put anesthesia and I didn’t even feel the shot, I was totally shocked. Then he explained that there’s is a way to do without touching the nerves, in between the bone and I don;t know what, it sounded really bad, but it didn’t hurt a bit.
    After that my fear was over.
    You could shave and wear wigs.


  2. Hahaha true true but then I’d have to buy new wigs every couple of months and what if I can’t find one to match the dress I bought the other day??! Oh the horrors!!
    Anyways good thing you got over your dentist fear although, truth be told, your story sounds kinda brutal….. *gulp*


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