Subject: Scelebrating Sunday

Dear Marlena,

Hi how’s it going?? Yes, I know I know!! It’s “celebrating” not “scelebrating” but I felt like the extra “s” would be a nice touch…. 🙂

I’m in an oddly good mood considering I woke up at 5 AM this morning…. I think I’m metamorphosing into a *gulp* morning person….. Yikes!

Anyways because I had no idea what to do with myself at 6:30 in the morning (this was after breakfast and 1 episode of The Big Bang Theory 😛 ) I proclaimed to the still silent house that, what the feathers(!) might as well get some homework done!!

(yes, this new attitude is scaring me too…)

And you know what? 1 hour and 39 minutes later I was done!!! Oh my gosh no Late-Night-Have-To-Get-Work-Done-Sunday-Scramble for me 😀 Yaaaaay

I then decided to make almond butter, which turned into a sticky disaster…. But my good mood never wavered!!! I relentlessly changed course to almond cookies!!!!

Which turned into a sticky, bloody disaster. (I cut my finger while chopping almonds)

These cookies now have a slight red tint and are currently baking in the oven….. One quick peek tells me I’ll be having thin, flat, hard, bloody little cookies for desert……… But never fear for Cora-Good-Mood is here!!!!! Ok now I’m starting to annoy myself…..

Oh! That’s the cookie timer! Excuse me for just one moment please.







Weeeeeell I’ve produced worse…..

I think I’m going to hit the coffee machine now …….





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