Vous les vous………. something or other….

Oh my goodness gracious me aren’t I a nervous little  wreck…? 0.0

Hello everyone, sorry for the weird introduction, but daaaaaarn l haven’t been able to sit down for like a whole day!!!! Aaaaah I’m so jumpy!!!!

You know why?

I’ll tell you.

Tomorrow, I’ll be stepping on a plane. With my class. And flying. (ya don’t say)

To. (wait for it….)


Ooooh my gosh I’ve never been to France before!!!! I’m so excited!!!! But seriously I’m really scared as well…

Everything would be fine if we’d just be flying to France for some sight-seeing, buuuuuuuut nooooooooooo we also have to talk French and live with a French family!!!!!!!!!!!! (I cannot stress this point enough) This is supposed to improve the French we have apparently been learning for the last 2 years…….

Honestly the only two phrases that come to mind are: “Vous les vous coucher avec moi?” and “Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes?”

…….. both of which are only relatively useful…………

I am going to die!!!!!!

I know. I know. I’m probably completely overreacting and a few days from now there will most likely be a post from me, being all gushy and happy and bombarding you all with pictures, but right now I’m freaking out………………..

We fly tomorrow at 9 something in the morning…….. Oh lordy I’m excited and nervous….. Wait, what’s the word that describes both?


Haha that’s a funny word 😀

Ok I’m rambling again. Sorry. Also I should probably finish packing……

Bon voyage good people!

Until we meet again!!



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