From France with Love

Ah finally!!! I’ve been wanting to write for so long, but between talking French, learning French and visiting French villages, the little time I had left was spent sleeping!!!! Haha I swear this is far more tiring than I had anticipated…..
Even if all I want to do is buy some ice cream, I have to construct a French sentence in my head, repeat it a thousand times, so that I don’t forget it (which has happened waaay more often than I’d like to admit……..hehe….) then hope with all my might that the ice-cream-guard understands what I want to say and gives me my ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!
(Don’t stand between me and my ice cream it won’t end well  >:[[ )
On a different but equally complicated matter, have you ever tried explaining your lactose intolerant in a foreign language??!?!?
Well let’s just say, it ain’t no walk in the park!!!! But I digress……


At the moment I’m sitting in a little café in Cannes, waiying forthe time to pass….. It raining cats, dogs and zebras and it just won’t seem to stop!!! Uugh!!!!!
We’re supposed to meet our teacher in app. 30 minutes to look at the old city part, however if it continues pouring like that we ain’t going nowhere anytime soon……



But other than that France est très jolie 🙂 (=is very pretty 😉 )

On our first day, shortly after we arrived, we had a quick tour of the older part of Nice


On our second day we visited Antibes


On the third day (of Christmas my true love gave to me)
ice cream *ahem ahem*



Grace was also on our teacher’s list of things to see…. Ya know the famous perfume city….? The German book “Das Parfum” is partly situated there :p you heard of it? Anyways I bought meself a little bottle of perfume (I know it’s silly but I couldn’t resist….. *sheepish smile*)

We also visited St. Paul. I think it’s my favorite village that we visited……. St. Paul is so small and old with narrow, winding streets and little secret cobblestone passageways. Come to think of it St. Paul has a very “Italian” touch to it, if you ask me……… Oh my gosh and the macaroons!!!!!!!! My friend bought a small box of them at a tiny café and generously gave me her nutella macaroon!!!! Oh it was to die for!!!
So. So. Good.

Wait. Let me show you. I have a picture 😉 (ooooof course I do….)


I even have another one 😛 😉


It’s time to meet our teacher. In case any of you were wondering, it hasn’t stop raining…….. Ooi.
This is going to be fun…………

Anyways, hope you guys have a wonderful day and a pleasant night to follow!!! 😉





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