This is awkward on so many levels…….

First of all of I can’t see……

Second of all, its 4:30 in the morning and I’m sitting in a bed I’ve only used five times.
Also, I may or may not have killed the cat while stumbling to find the bathroom….

There’s something weird and slightly eerie about typing on a tinie tiny phone whilst squinting in the blinding light of the screen, listening to the surprisingly loud noises of streets of Nice.
My roommate/classmate/friend is snoring happily in her bed oblivious to the stupid motorcycle that decided to take a detour through our room. That’s the one thing I really truly miss: the peace and quiet of my bed at home…
Yesterday Laura (roommate) and I were awoken by the sound of a car, playing heavy metal music, skidder, slide and then crash into a pet store selling cats, geese and ponies  (OK maybe I exaggerated a liiiiittle bit, but you get my drift).  
My point: I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week. The coffee is terrible. I hate motorcycles.

Ah. I think someone from my host family has just awoken. At least I heard a door clanking, a cat hissing (guess I didn’t kill it after all), and, something I would determine as, cursing. (For all I know they could just as likely be singing their favorite song, my French isn’t great…)

Great. Now I’m hungry. Is it sociable acceptable to snack at 5:30 in the morning?? Well screw forget society I’m eating something. One moment please…….
*insert elevator music here*

OK I’m back! I’m so glad I decided to buy that sack of dried dates a few days back. They have saved my life countless times since then……
What time is it? 6 o 9. Great! Only about 40 minutes until I get to officially wake up!!
Hmmmm what can I do till then….? I know probably half of the population would say “read” and I have thought of that myself, however the ability of sight is rather limited at the moment and I, for the love within me, can’t find my little book light…..

Things aren’t looking to good for me, eh?

Also can’t find my cell phone charger………..



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