Sometimes all you need is a cookie.

Today seems to be a particularly suckish day…..

School was long, tiring and to be honest just plain boring. The weather is an absolute dismal! Everything is gray. Everything is slightly wet. (Oh my GOSH you do not know how much I hate this “slightly wet weather”.)

The trees are cheerless and their leaves are drooping. The sky is bleak. The wind is biting its cold and bitter way through everything that used to be good. Oh dear Lord all we need is a funeral!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sorry. I just despise this kind of weather. I just aaaaaaah….. I get the hibbie- jibbies just be looking outside the window.

*involuntary look outside*

*involuntary shudder*


You know what this is…? You know what this means…..?

Somebody get me some cookies riiiiiight now!!!!



*one chocolate chip, one double chocolate chip and a steaming cup of tea later*




I don’t know about you but cookies seem to make everything better don’t they…? ❤

But in all honesty.

Feeling depressed? Moody? Gloomy? Frantic? Dis-spirited? or Blue?

Eat a cookie and you’ll be feeling better too!

*cheesy wink and thumbs up*




Ok this is starting to feel like a cookie commercial…..

Seriously though, sometimes all you need is a cookie

(to turn that frown upside down)

I never meant for this to happen………..

please don’t go………….







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