Oh just one of those days….

Oh I’m so glad today is finally over!!! Today was such a painful day!!!

It wasn’t because I’d had too little sleep and was tired the whole day or that the lessons sucked (well that too, although not so much), but it seemed as though I were in a constant state of awkwardness and befuddlement…..
No seriously from the moment I woke up to the moment I stopped caring.

Let me elaborate.

*importantly clearing throat*

I finally arrived at school (I’d tell you about my morning, but it’s kinda foggy…. Actually I don’t remember it at all……. Did I eat breakfast?!?!? Must have otherwise I’d be dead……. Or the rest of the world at least…but I digress. Back to topic!!)

After an awkward encounter with a truck driver (which involved a lot of me wanting to cross the street while he was about to drive and me stopping so he could pass without killing me and him stopping so I could pass and then I started walking and he started driving, and aaaah!!! But never mind)

So. I arrived. First lesson. Latin. Everything started out fine, I got my books and sat on my spot, talked to my friends and waited for the teacher to come. I even got through morning prayers which we have to recite in LATIN (!!!!) *I’m gonna pause for a moment to let that fact sink in*

But then the teacher asked me something, that I didn’t understand  and for the love of bunnies I could not utter the simple phrase “Excuse me?”. What came out of my mouth sounded a little something like this. “well i ummmm well eeeeeeeeh i ummmmmmm naaaaaanonojidjakydk”

This went on for a 30 seconds until my mouth finally had the good sense of shutting itself and demanding my brain to activate some brain cells so that I could finally verbalize the apparently unutterable phrase.

The rest of the school day (thankfully) wasn’t quite as awkward (although I may or may not have repeatedly spilled my drink… We shall never know 0.0)

That is, until I wanted to order some coffee. (dun, dun, duuuun)

My mind fuddled up and I forgot what I wanted to order!!!

   doh smiley

I had to go back in line and start all over again………

I blame this on the school stress….

Can anyone relate?

……Please say yes……


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