“Nursing a cup of coffee”

(I apologize beforehand if this post is weird and confusing. Bear with me, the coffee has yet to show it’s effect 🙂 )

Now I finally know what that phrase really means (not that it was something I was striving to accomplish…). 
Let me elaborate.  As you may remember I went to a One Republic concert on Monday (short recap: it was awesome!) and even though I don’t regret going with a single fiber in my body, Tuesday morning was NOT easy!!! When the alarm clock went of at 6:10 AM, oh gosh, I swear I was this close *holds up index finger and thumb 1 cm apart*  to shedding a few tears…..

After forcing my body out of bed and somehow managing to find matching socks, I finally made it to the part of the morning I was looking forward to the most: my sweet, glorious, wonderfully fulfilling, only reason I’m still alive coffee.


And that’s where the phrase “nursing a cup of coffee” comes in 😉 ’cause that is the only way I could describe my physical and mental state that particular morning…………..

(I may or may not have added a tablespoon of nutella 😛 which may or may not have been inspired from here 😉

#mesomysterious )

Gosh even now all I want to do is curl up in my bed… And it’s FRIDAY!!! big bed smiley    *Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*

Oh well have a wonderful day everyone!!!! Good Luck for all the tests, presentations, big talks, or other important things you have to do today!!!!!!!!!


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