I present to you my blood, sweat and tears aka my blog.


Today in the shower I had a sudden realization (how come these things mostly happen while showering??!):

Blogging is hard work.

Yes, yes I know what you’re all think. Did she just realize that now???

Well for your information No. I. Did. Not.
*insert sassy head movement here*

I knew what I was getting into when I started. I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. But at the same time I didn’t. Seem confusing? Well stay with me it gets better. (I hope)

What I mean is that I didn’t know at that time how much I would love to blog. How much effort I would pour into this little corner of the web. How most of my free time would be spent trying to branch out, gain more readership and maybe a few blog buddies. How everyday the fear of failing grows a little, but also the hope that maybe, just maybe it won’t.
Don’t get me wrong I still love to blog with all my heart, I just never thought there would be so much at stake.



You can laugh, it’s ok. I don’t mind 😉 I realize how weird and dramatic that sounds 😛


However I want to give all my fellow newbie bloggers a clap on the back and a cookie for not giving up! For plowing through the relentless swamp that is the blogging world!! You rock!!!! Sit back for a moment and bask in the accomplishments that you have achieved.
You do that?
You’re awesome! 😉

A and C over and out


4 thoughts on “I present to you my blood, sweat and tears aka my blog.

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