Why I’ll probably hire a body guard…..

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Hey y’all!!

Oh my gosh I have to tell you guys something!!!!! I had the most terrifying teacher situation EVER!!!! Like I will most likely have nightmares about this incident!!!! o.O

It went a little something like this:

It was just yo ole’ regular Friday and I was getting ready for the upcoming lesson: Latin.

Now, I’m not very fond of Latin to begin with and the dislike intensified with the teacher.

She’s already known as one of the most feared teacher in school, not because she’s mean or bitchy or unfair, but because sometimes she can be as sweet as honey, as nice as a summer’s day and you start thinking, “Hmmmm maybe the rumors aren’t true… Or at least they don’t apply to me…”

EEER. Wrong. 

And last Friday she proved me just how wrong I was……

There is one thing you should know before I launch into my terrifying story.

I changed school last year, which was probably the best decision I have made in my short little life. Except for one problem: My old school didn’t teach Latin, so now I spend a 100 minutes per week learning the godforsaken language. Naturally, I kiiinda suck.

So there I was. Sitting behind my desk. Trying to look smart. Pretending to understand everything. When she asked me a question I didn’t know the answer to. It must have pushed some kind of button, because her eyes started spewing fire. But she didn’t say anything. At least not yet.

10 minutes later when I thought the whole thing was forgotten she suddenly whips her head around and snaps, “Are you actually trying to keep up with this class??!”

” Uum… Yes?”, I stutter.

“Oh really? ‘Cause it sure looks a lot like you don’t.” Ans then she launched into this lengthy speech of what a disappointment I am, and how anyone could clearly see I wasn’t even trying to catch up, if I taking tutoring lesson and when I said yes, she told my you couldn’t see any improvement. Something about that I have to work a lot harder, if I even plan on passing the school year. (Mind you, this isn’t an exact retell of the things she yelled at me, just the general drift I got.)

And then she looked at me with pure evilness in her eyes. I swear it’s a look the young kids warn each other about. It is a look that sends a fearful chill down your spine.It is a look that makes you want to drop dead.

And I either did the most heroic act of the year, or the most idiotic one.

I didn’t look away.

I bit my tongue, forced my face into blank and looked right back into her eyes.

My heart was slamming in my chest. I started tasting blood in my mouth. All four seasons passed by the window. I’m not even sure I was breathing. But I Refused. To. Back. Down. And then…




This may sound ridiculous, but I have never felt more euphoric. Even thinking about it makes my heart skip two beats.

Now, I probably just dug my own grave, but at least I’ll have something to tell the grand-kids.

And of course you guys 😉

*Phew*  Had to get that off my chest…. Oh and btw you’re all welcome to attend my funeral. I’ll send you the details as soon as I know more. 😉


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