Subject: How I Met The Bloody Mary In Me

*Ahem, Ahem*

Got your attention?


FYI: This is a sorta, kinda, so-called “response post” to a post from A Mr.Louis from VA:


Dear How I Met Your Mother Writers,

How could you?!? How dare you destroy my favorite series in the world with such a horrid ending?!!

I would like to inform you that I CRIED throughout the whole episode!! I  would also like to inform you that I NEVER cry while watching TV. NEVER!!! And you know what makes matters a whole lot worse???? I wasn’t even watching the real ending!! You hear that? The ALTERNATIVE ENDING brought me to my knees!!! The freaking ending that was supposed to make everything good again after your terrible mistake of a first ending.

I refused to watch Season 9 until the new, supposedly better, ending was aired.

I walked away from any conversation that included talk about the actual ending, because I didn’t want to ruin my FAVORITE SERIES IN THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD!!!

Do want to know how I felt while watching your improved (excuse me while I laugh) ending???

A little piece of my heart broke with every passing minute. I could actually feel little chips of it breaking off until finally it shattered.

My little brother FORBADE me from watching the real ending and quickly told me what happens. (It was a “tearing a bandage off a wound” kinda thing.) And all I have left to say, dear Mr. and Ms. How I Met Your Mother People:







Yours Sincerely,

Bloody Mary


7 thoughts on “Subject: How I Met The Bloody Mary In Me

  1. Bloody Mary: ( 😀 )

    Did they kill someone off? XD Seriously though… Two different endings? Wait, what why who what why I don’t even… These writers need to be more careful with endings. Especially if they’re ending an ENTIRE SERIES. We viewers are gonna end up with PTSD or something…

    I’ve heard of that show, but never seen it. What do you like about it?


    • At the off chance that you decide to watch the series I shall not spoil you with the ending. However I will say this: bring a box of tissues.
      You’ve never seen How I Met Your Mother?? My dear boy, you haven’t lived yet… It is the funniest show of all times!!! I remember many a miserable days suddenly brightening because I watch an episode 🙂 you should really give it a try 😉


  2. I felt the exact same way!! I watched the “original ending” and it was like a slap in the face to the HIMYM fans. I was so mad and upset.


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