Nothing much to see here just me being all smushy and grateful

First off, I’d like to thank all you wonderful people for the sweet words you left me on my last few posts!!!

I’m really sorry for not replying, it’s just whenever I start thinking about a nice way to respond my brain goes all mushy and blank…. So I figured it was better not to answer and seem all mysterious and busy with my awesome and buzzing life (haha, can’t even say it with a straight face)  instead of puking jumbled up words back at you… (Ain’t that just like the most beautiful metaphor you have ever heard..?)

My point (and yes I do have one): Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments and I swear I’m reading them and I appreciate them so, SO much!!!!

(While we’re on the topic of hugging read this 👇 it is HILARIOUS!!)

(….at least in my sick and twisted mind it is 😛 )

So, I’ve got to be honest with you, this post strictly speaking doesn’t really have a “content” (unless of course you count hugs.. In that case this post is full of them!!! )

I just had this unbearable urge to write!!!



Just write, write, write!! Sure I could do it in the quiet of my room but what kinda fun would that be 🙂 I’d complain to you about school and all the work they are making us do, but I don’t want to… I’m in this precious yet delicate “happy bubble” and I don’t want to pop it, not yet… and I’m guessing you know how easily that happens, am I right?? 😉

So let’s make some small talk instead 🙂

I decided to let me hair grow (can you believe I’m a 17 year old girl who has NEVER had long hair!! The longest  I’ve ever had stopped at my chin… I know right?! Like O.M.GEEE)

Awkward realization I had a few days back: Making new friends? NOT my thing!! Like nuuah. Nope. Nopenopenopenope

(Ok point has been made… moving on!)

Yes has a matter of fact I am slightly hungry.

What??! You want to take me out to dinner?? No, I can’t except….

Well if you insist…. Gosh you’re really sweet you know that??

Hahaha of course you do XD

Let me just quickly grab my purse!

Got it! Leet’s go!!

Cheers! 😛


Early Rainy Morning – Coffee = Deep Cora

I am different.

I am weird.

I am the only girl in my grade with short hair. Probably the whole school…

I’m the only blonde person in our class.

I have made it my mission not to let people walk all over me. Teachers and students alike.

And I am okay with being the “odd one out”, really, but for some reason the other people in my class can’t accept that I am different. They don’t know where to place me when they call me something stupid like “Coraan” and I just don’t react. Not like the other people in my class who either laugh awkwardly, or get irritated or blush. My face stays as blank as a piece of paper (a feat I have practiced for a long time and am now very proud of 🙂 ) 

Honestly though…. I don’t care.

I don’t really know why I’m telling you guys this, but I feel like… I don’t know…. I just want to, I guess….

I don’t have a dramatic background or some horrible story. I am a normal girl with a normal family going to a normal school which happens to be stuffed to the brim with pretentious snobs. These snob think that everybody wants to be like them and they shun everyone who isn’t. If I had a penny for every time somebody called me stupid or laughed behind my back… (yadiya we all know how the saying goes 😉 )

And I don’t care.

You know I think I know why I am so persistent about blogging about this matter…. It’s because I DO NOT CARE!!! The thing that just hit me is, I used to always care. My life was built on what other people thought of me. I had to change school twice because the opinion other students had about me, screwed me up too much….

Nothing has changed. Except every thing has changed. People laugh behind my back. I don’t care. I have friends I trust. I have hair I like. I have a blog that one day shall be famous.

And I’m okay.


* * *

I’m not sure if it’s suitable for this post, but I love this so much:

😀 ❤

It’s Dec. 25th…. Whatever could this post be about…?

Heyo Guys!!!!!!

Wazzzap??? 😀

I’m taking a short break of all the festivity to wish all you wonderful people a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!  💚 😀 ❤ 💜 💙 ❤

Cute Animated Merry Christmas Wallpaper

I hope you are having a magical ✨ time with your families and friends, cats and dogs, significant other or simply solo mio (which I know means sun, but for some reason I use it in the context of “solo”…. I wouldn’t know why though….)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post regularly the upcoming week, because my family and I are going skiing!!!!! YAAAAY!!!! (Keep your fingers crossed for snow though….. Winter has been kinda weak in our neck of the woods.)

But by my guest and check in next week Monday and of course Thursday 😉 who knows maybe I’ll have a little extra time on my hands 😉

If not feel free to browse through my older posts 😛

Here, I’ll give you a head start:

Wanna click here?    Oooor here?     Maybe here??  Uh!Uh! Try this one!!!!    Ooooh what ever could be here??



Once again Merry Christmas to you all!!! Happy Holidays and a Sensational Season!!!

And don’t forget to eat cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!


😉 😛

“Nursing a cup of coffee”

(I apologize beforehand if this post is weird and confusing. Bear with me, the coffee has yet to show it’s effect 🙂 )

Now I finally know what that phrase really means (not that it was something I was striving to accomplish…). 
Let me elaborate.  As you may remember I went to a One Republic concert on Monday (short recap: it was awesome!) and even though I don’t regret going with a single fiber in my body, Tuesday morning was NOT easy!!! When the alarm clock went of at 6:10 AM, oh gosh, I swear I was this close *holds up index finger and thumb 1 cm apart*  to shedding a few tears…..

After forcing my body out of bed and somehow managing to find matching socks, I finally made it to the part of the morning I was looking forward to the most: my sweet, glorious, wonderfully fulfilling, only reason I’m still alive coffee.


And that’s where the phrase “nursing a cup of coffee” comes in 😉 ’cause that is the only way I could describe my physical and mental state that particular morning…………..

(I may or may not have added a tablespoon of nutella 😛 which may or may not have been inspired from here 😉

#mesomysterious )

Gosh even now all I want to do is curl up in my bed… And it’s FRIDAY!!! big bed smiley    *Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*

Oh well have a wonderful day everyone!!!! Good Luck for all the tests, presentations, big talks, or other important things you have to do today!!!!!!!!!

My few moments of blissful silence…..

The sun is streaming through the window as I once again sit on the floor, apparently my favorite spot at the moment. A little square of sunshine illuminates the place where I sit, creating a warm glow just for me. The house is completely quiet. No one else is awake, but me. Not even the birds are chirping yet. The buildings in the distance are consumed by fog, which is quickly evaporating as the sun grows stronger.

This is why I love waking up early. It seems to be the only time when there is absolute silence. I feel like I’m in a little world of my own. Anything can happen. Everything is still possible. ❤

Oh. I can hear my dad walking around downstairs. So much for my peace and quiet…..

Time to start the coffee machine 😉

415 picmonkey 2

Have a marvelous *insert British accent here* day!!!!! 😛

What I love about mornings…..

What I love about mornings….

I love waking up when the sun is rising. I just love watching the sky go from dark to light to violet to pink to orange to baby blue. I love the fact that the trees outside the window are not much more than a dark silhouette, that the clouds seem to be rippled and layered. The absolute silence. The drowse light. The promise of a new start.







I’d say that’s a good way to start a Monday. Don’t you? I wrote that somewhere around 7 AM just as the first rays of sunshine began to tickle the night sky.

(I swear I have morphed into a morning person and I actually like it O.o that’s uncanny even for me)

So at the moment I’m sitting on the floor of our living room in my PJ’s, drinking a cup of homemade cappuccino 🙂


Please note the serious amount of beautiful milk foam ❤

*Siiigh*……. A day cannot start right without the proper dosage of foamy, fluffy milk 😀

 (yes, I have a  problem)

And I’m actually enjoying Monday so far (I swear if every Monday would start out like this, I’d be as happy as a clam 🙂 )

Why am I  not running around like the average crazy person on a Monday, you ask? Well, the reason is quite simple my friends, I have no school today!!!!


I should explain. In case anyone was wondering I’m back from France (*sniff* I miss the ocean already 😦 )

and because they made us work our as  butt off there, the teachers gave us this day off to recuperate 😛

So here I am. Sitting on the floor. Watching the wind toss leaves into the bleak, gray sky (so much for the sunshine I was swooning about earlier…..) Writing a seemingless pointless post….

And I’ve never felt more content. 🙂 ❤




I’m gonna stop now before I disgust the rest of the human race….

Have a lovely day!!!!!!!