I think I killed my cell in the process of this post…..

Hello People!!!! 🙂
How are you??
Tell me
*leans forward expectingly*
How was your Christmas????
As I write this grandiose (now that’s a word, eeh?!) post, I am currently sitting in a rather cold room, on a rather hard bed, leaning against a rather uncomfortable pillow…. or, to put it differently, I’m on my skiing trip!!! (Now seriously, does one say on a skiing trip. Or in? Or over? Or under?)
Anyways, today was the first skiing day and I have one thing to say:
Dear Goosey if this ain’t cold, I don’t want to live in Canada!! (No offense to all my Canadian Friends out there 😉 )
Like guuuurl it never “warmed” over -16°C (according to Google that’s 3.2°F) and there was this icy wind blowing and brrr. Short version: It was cold. But there is snow out here which is good, otherwise the whole skiing thing would be kind of a fail, don’t ya think??
UUH!! Wait!! I think I even have a picture!!
Don’t move!!!

(Note: this was in the morning…. Things clouded up quickly after that…)

Well it’s kinda late here in good ole Austria, so this post is slowly coming to an end. Also I’m writing this on my cell phone which is kinda awkward and sorta hems the creative flow, ya know?
I hope you people have a wonderful day, morning, evening, night and I will definitely (read: hopefully) see you guys on Thursday!!!!! 😀 😛


This is awkward on so many levels…….

First of all of I can’t see……

Second of all, its 4:30 in the morning and I’m sitting in a bed I’ve only used five times.
Also, I may or may not have killed the cat while stumbling to find the bathroom….

There’s something weird and slightly eerie about typing on a tinie tiny phone whilst squinting in the blinding light of the screen, listening to the surprisingly loud noises of streets of Nice.
My roommate/classmate/friend is snoring happily in her bed oblivious to the stupid motorcycle that decided to take a detour through our room. That’s the one thing I really truly miss: the peace and quiet of my bed at home…
Yesterday Laura (roommate) and I were awoken by the sound of a car, playing heavy metal music, skidder, slide and then crash into a pet store selling cats, geese and ponies  (OK maybe I exaggerated a liiiiittle bit, but you get my drift).  
My point: I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week. The coffee is terrible. I hate motorcycles.

Ah. I think someone from my host family has just awoken. At least I heard a door clanking, a cat hissing (guess I didn’t kill it after all), and, something I would determine as, cursing. (For all I know they could just as likely be singing their favorite song, my French isn’t great…)

Great. Now I’m hungry. Is it sociable acceptable to snack at 5:30 in the morning?? Well screw forget society I’m eating something. One moment please…….
*insert elevator music here*

OK I’m back! I’m so glad I decided to buy that sack of dried dates a few days back. They have saved my life countless times since then……
What time is it? 6 o 9. Great! Only about 40 minutes until I get to officially wake up!!
Hmmmm what can I do till then….? I know probably half of the population would say “read” and I have thought of that myself, however the ability of sight is rather limited at the moment and I, for the love within me, can’t find my little book light…..

Things aren’t looking to good for me, eh?

Also can’t find my cell phone charger………..


From France with Love

Ah finally!!! I’ve been wanting to write for so long, but between talking French, learning French and visiting French villages, the little time I had left was spent sleeping!!!! Haha I swear this is far more tiring than I had anticipated…..
Even if all I want to do is buy some ice cream, I have to construct a French sentence in my head, repeat it a thousand times, so that I don’t forget it (which has happened waaay more often than I’d like to admit……..hehe….) then hope with all my might that the ice-cream-guard understands what I want to say and gives me my ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!
(Don’t stand between me and my ice cream it won’t end well  >:[[ )
On a different but equally complicated matter, have you ever tried explaining your lactose intolerant in a foreign language??!?!?
Well let’s just say, it ain’t no walk in the park!!!! But I digress……


At the moment I’m sitting in a little café in Cannes, waiying forthe time to pass….. It raining cats, dogs and zebras and it just won’t seem to stop!!! Uugh!!!!!
We’re supposed to meet our teacher in app. 30 minutes to look at the old city part, however if it continues pouring like that we ain’t going nowhere anytime soon……



But other than that France est très jolie 🙂 (=is very pretty 😉 )

On our first day, shortly after we arrived, we had a quick tour of the older part of Nice


On our second day we visited Antibes


On the third day (of Christmas my true love gave to me)
ice cream *ahem ahem*



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Vous les vous………. something or other….

Oh my goodness gracious me aren’t I a nervous little  wreck…? 0.0

Hello everyone, sorry for the weird introduction, but daaaaaarn l haven’t been able to sit down for like a whole day!!!! Aaaaah I’m so jumpy!!!!

You know why?

I’ll tell you.

Tomorrow, I’ll be stepping on a plane. With my class. And flying. (ya don’t say)

To. (wait for it….)


Ooooh my gosh I’ve never been to France before!!!! I’m so excited!!!! But seriously I’m really scared as well…

Everything would be fine if we’d just be flying to France for some sight-seeing, buuuuuuuut nooooooooooo we also have to talk French and live with a French family!!!!!!!!!!!! (I cannot stress this point enough) This is supposed to improve the French we have apparently been learning for the last 2 years…….

Honestly the only two phrases that come to mind are: “Vous les vous coucher avec moi?” and “Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes?”

…….. both of which are only relatively useful…………

I am going to die!!!!!!

I know. I know. I’m probably completely overreacting and a few days from now there will most likely be a post from me, being all gushy and happy and bombarding you all with pictures, but right now I’m freaking out………………..

We fly tomorrow at 9 something in the morning…….. Oh lordy I’m excited and nervous….. Wait, what’s the word that describes both?


Haha that’s a funny word 😀

Ok I’m rambling again. Sorry. Also I should probably finish packing……

Bon voyage good people!

Until we meet again!!


Hitting pause for a moment…

Ah there that feels better, don’t it? I swear the last couple of days have been craaaaazy. And by crazy I mean packed to the brim with school, homework, rain, sunshine, ups, downs, and road trips. (At the moment I’m currently postponing Latin homework so I should probably get a move on… :I)

So anyway I’m sure you guys are all thinking: Whaaaat? A road trip?!? (ok maybe you aren’t, but lets pretend that you are 😉 ) Well then, let me tell you all about it my friends. It all began when my friend Ellen decided to up and go and spend a semester (6 months) in Hungary because she wanted to learn the language. (now you’re probably really looking at the screen like whaaat o.O) But no worries her grandparents (I think) are from Hungary and she has had contact with the language ever since she was a little girl, now she’s just trying to perfect it.

Where was I? Ah yes….

Now it may not have been a road trip per se…. We (we being Catalina, Lizzy and I) had a destination in mind…aaaand we went by train

Does it still count as a road trip then??


Anyhoo, we could only spend the day soooo we had to get up at the crack of dawn



And get cracking 😀
Although I’d probably still be trying to buy a train ticket if it hadn’t been for Lizzy’s cool calculated mind 😉

OK so when we finally arrived I was completely flabbergasted (if I’m being totally honest….) Hungary is soooo not what I expected!!!!!


It is waaaay more beautiful and the oldest part of the city looks as though it has been taken straight out of a fairy-tale book!!!!!!!!!








Doesn’t this look simply adorable??!

Anyway we had soo much fun!!! I was really sad when we had to make our way back home 😦  I miss Ellen so much…..




And to add insult to injury, our train back home broke down and was stuck in the middle of nowhere for app. 1 and a half hours :-} but yaaaah all in all it was a great day ;D





Aaaaaah done 🙂 I’ve been wanting to post this for aaages!!! Now I feel all accomplished 😀 *grinning from ear to ear*

Ok then Have A Lovely Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!









Picture from Hungary photo credit to Lizzy K. 😉