*insert excited squeaking here*

Oooooooh I’m soooo excited, I’m going to a concert tonight!!!!!!


I’ve never been to a concert before (yes I know that’s sad. Don’t give me that look!) and oooooh I can’t wait until tonight!!! ❤ It’s One Republic in case any of you where wondering 😉 . I’m giddy with excitement 😀 practically jumping up and down,clapping my hands, twirling around, up the stairs, down the stairs……

giddy-red-crab(This is normally the moment where us German folk say: “Jes sas na” , don’t ask me why Germans are weird…..)

And now comes the age old question of every concert newbie (especially if you’re female): What do I wear??

No seriously I’m standing in front of my closet completely clueless….. Do I wear a skirt? Black jeans? Blue jeans? A T-Shirt? A sweater? I don’t know!!!!


#confusion o.O

I also just realized I have no idea what one does during a concert….dont no smiley

Does one dance?dancing smiley   Does one sing along?    All of the above? Gosh this is actually kinda embarrassing……. 17 years old and never been to a concert eieiei…..

Oh in case anyone was wondering (which you probably weren’t, but just play along 😉 ) I decided to go with the black jeans and a black T-Shirt, based on the fact that you can never go wrong with jeans and black 😛 .

Goodness gracious, it’s 5:44 PM!!!

I must get ready! Fair thee well!!!!




(I apologize for the excessive use of smileys in this post…. I hope you were still able to read the few words sprinkled in between the moving heads 🙂 and speaking of apologies: “I said it’s too late to apologize. It’s too late. Ooooh” 😛 )