Nothing much to see here just me being all smushy and grateful

First off, I’d like to thank all you wonderful people for the sweet words you left me on my last few posts!!!

I’m really sorry for not replying, it’s just whenever I start thinking about a nice way to respond my brain goes all mushy and blank…. So I figured it was better not to answer and seem all mysterious and busy with my awesome and buzzing life (haha, can’t even say it with a straight face)  instead of puking jumbled up words back at you… (Ain’t that just like the most beautiful metaphor you have ever heard..?)

My point (and yes I do have one): Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments and I swear I’m reading them and I appreciate them so, SO much!!!!

(While we’re on the topic of hugging read this 👇 it is HILARIOUS!!)

(….at least in my sick and twisted mind it is 😛 )

So, I’ve got to be honest with you, this post strictly speaking doesn’t really have a “content” (unless of course you count hugs.. In that case this post is full of them!!! )

I just had this unbearable urge to write!!!



Just write, write, write!! Sure I could do it in the quiet of my room but what kinda fun would that be 🙂 I’d complain to you about school and all the work they are making us do, but I don’t want to… I’m in this precious yet delicate “happy bubble” and I don’t want to pop it, not yet… and I’m guessing you know how easily that happens, am I right?? 😉

So let’s make some small talk instead 🙂

I decided to let me hair grow (can you believe I’m a 17 year old girl who has NEVER had long hair!! The longest  I’ve ever had stopped at my chin… I know right?! Like O.M.GEEE)

Awkward realization I had a few days back: Making new friends? NOT my thing!! Like nuuah. Nope. Nopenopenopenope

(Ok point has been made… moving on!)

Yes has a matter of fact I am slightly hungry.

What??! You want to take me out to dinner?? No, I can’t except….

Well if you insist…. Gosh you’re really sweet you know that??

Hahaha of course you do XD

Let me just quickly grab my purse!

Got it! Leet’s go!!

Cheers! 😛


I think I killed my cell in the process of this post…..

Hello People!!!! 🙂
How are you??
Tell me
*leans forward expectingly*
How was your Christmas????
As I write this grandiose (now that’s a word, eeh?!) post, I am currently sitting in a rather cold room, on a rather hard bed, leaning against a rather uncomfortable pillow…. or, to put it differently, I’m on my skiing trip!!! (Now seriously, does one say on a skiing trip. Or in? Or over? Or under?)
Anyways, today was the first skiing day and I have one thing to say:
Dear Goosey if this ain’t cold, I don’t want to live in Canada!! (No offense to all my Canadian Friends out there 😉 )
Like guuuurl it never “warmed” over -16°C (according to Google that’s 3.2°F) and there was this icy wind blowing and brrr. Short version: It was cold. But there is snow out here which is good, otherwise the whole skiing thing would be kind of a fail, don’t ya think??
UUH!! Wait!! I think I even have a picture!!
Don’t move!!!

(Note: this was in the morning…. Things clouded up quickly after that…)

Well it’s kinda late here in good ole Austria, so this post is slowly coming to an end. Also I’m writing this on my cell phone which is kinda awkward and sorta hems the creative flow, ya know?
I hope you people have a wonderful day, morning, evening, night and I will definitely (read: hopefully) see you guys on Thursday!!!!! 😀 😛

It’s Dec. 25th…. Whatever could this post be about…?

Heyo Guys!!!!!!

Wazzzap??? 😀

I’m taking a short break of all the festivity to wish all you wonderful people a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!  💚 😀 ❤ 💜 💙 ❤

Cute Animated Merry Christmas Wallpaper

I hope you are having a magical ✨ time with your families and friends, cats and dogs, significant other or simply solo mio (which I know means sun, but for some reason I use it in the context of “solo”…. I wouldn’t know why though….)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post regularly the upcoming week, because my family and I are going skiing!!!!! YAAAAY!!!! (Keep your fingers crossed for snow though….. Winter has been kinda weak in our neck of the woods.)

But by my guest and check in next week Monday and of course Thursday 😉 who knows maybe I’ll have a little extra time on my hands 😉

If not feel free to browse through my older posts 😛

Here, I’ll give you a head start:

Wanna click here?    Oooor here?     Maybe here??  Uh!Uh! Try this one!!!!    Ooooh what ever could be here??



Once again Merry Christmas to you all!!! Happy Holidays and a Sensational Season!!!

And don’t forget to eat cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!


😉 😛

Great(ish) Things That Happened (Sorta) Today :)

Hello wonderful people!!! 🙂

You ok there??

So, I think today will be another one of those so-called “Thinking Out Loud” posts…. I hope you don’t mind 🙂 last time was kinda fun and it’s nice to write just because, ya know? And also not think every one in a while has it’s up side………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. (see, that’s me not thinking 😉 )

Anywaaaays….. Here goes 😛

  • So good news, I survived my Latin exam today… Yeeeeaah… let’s talk about passing another time….. Moving on!
  • By the way thank you sooooooo much for all the good luck wishes I received!!! They made me smile every time I read tone 🙂 They were my little motivation boost when times were tough 😛
  • Another oh-so exciting thing that happened today: I finished reading my current book , “North Child”.  (Wait let me quickly take a picture… Unos Momentos! or something similar my Spanish ain’t even CLOSE to great….) At first I was like: “Eeh…” But then I got more and more into it and I actually started loving it 🙂 now I’m sad it’s over 😦 *Sniff*


(Yaaah it’s a picture!!! )

  •  Oh! Another marvelous reason to be alive just popped onto my head!!!! In case this knowledge has not caught up with you today (how’s that for a sentence) today is the 18th, never mind the month, and do you know what thaaat means?? Huh? Huh?? It’s Apricots And Cream’s 3 month anniversary!!!! Yaaaaay! 😀
  • Ma lil’ baby is 3 month old… Oh I still remember the time when the youn’ thing sported it’s first post… Oh deary how times does fly….. (For some reason this whole passage came to me with a strong Texas accent)
  • Anyhoo, I am off to bed 🙂 after yesterdays 777 worded post (o.o) I decided today shall be a short one 😛 (and also I’m starting to feel kinda like this:  

                                                       brain smiley  #braindead) 

Sleep tight everyone and may tomorrow be a good one, especially since it’s Fridaaay 😀


 (Ooooooh…. O.O)

Le moi has returned from the text books :)

Happy Saturday Friendly Faces!!! 😀

I. Am. Back.

I have survived!!! This ungrateful week is FINALLY over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you may remember from my last post that I had Math Exam on Thursday and I’ve been studying like a crazy broccoli for the last couple of days (which is why I missed my last posting day, sorry guys 😦 ) But no more!!! I don’t even know what I want to write about in this post. I just felt like writing and celebrating my wonderful  freedom and- oh, I’m starting to cry *starts fanning eyes like they do in the movies*  thank you guys for wishing me good luck, you don’t know how much they made my day.

*sniff* ok sorry… Moving on!

So guess what I did today? 🙂

Nothing. Absolutely, posotutely NOTHING. And by nothing I mean not a single thing to do with homework, studying, or school in any way. It was beautiful. 🌻 I spent the whole day reading, baking cookies, and playing Skyrim.

Ha, that caused you to pause a bit didn’t it? 😛  Do you know what Skyrim is? You do? Oh that’s good, didn’t expect that, but if you don’t mind I’ll give a short explanation to all the uninformed people out there, ok? Thank you for understanding you’re a wonderful person. 😉

Ok so Skyrim is this computer game and it’s, like, huge, with all these intertwined missions and villages and ya know other…. stuff….. I just started playing today so half of the time I have no idea what I’m doing…… But daaaaaaaamn guuuuuuuuurl that game be intense!!! Half of the time I’m drench in sweat and shaking from fear. Seriously. I must sound like the worst weak-hearted person alive, but just now some wolfs attacked me from behind and I actually screamed……….. My dad came in asking if I was alright………………………….

I have yet to decide if I hate the game or love it…..

So that was everything on Wimpy Geeks Today. Hope you enjoyed today’s show and if you feel like saying, complaining, or criticizing about something, leave your message in the comments below and I will get back to you ASAP. Or you could always tell me about your day, that works too 🙂

Have a good one everybody! It’s a great day to be you!!!! 😉 😛

Toodles 😀

Oh! One last thing before you go!! I’ve started a Twitter account and it would mean the world to me if you’d check it out, and maybe give me some tips ’cause right now that little blue bird is terrifying o.O


Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say    (*Whoo*)
Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break   (*Aaah*)
I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don’t care baby by the way

(Sorry…. Is the song stuck in your head now? Good *evil satisfied smirk with squinting eyes*)

I apologize.

*Ahem. Ahem.*

back to business.

Oh my goodness. I did absolutely nothing today. Nothing.

Zip, Nada, Niet.(I think the last one’s russian…. o.o )

Seriously, I got home from school plonked down on my bed listened….Waaaait!!!  I’m gonna make a list 😀 (I’ve always wanted to do one of those 😛 )

What I should be doing VS. What I am actually doing:

o Study Latin Vocab

o Study for Chemistry Test

o Study for Psycho Test

o Write English Homework

o Finish Math Homework

o Finish French Homework


+ Listening to Music

+ Cleaning my Room

+ Singing/ Dancing awkwardly around my Room

+ Feeding my Furdiburd ❤ 😛

+ Playing Mini-Games on Furdiburb

+ Wearing Super-Fluffy-White Socks (!!!!!!)

+ Blogging the day away

+ Being in a Frigging Awesome Mood!!!! 😀 ❤

I’m so happy right now I feel like I’m bubbling 🙂  I’ll probably hate myself tomorrow, but ….you know what NO!!!! I will not be one of those silly people who relax one day and curse themselves for it the next!!

Nawa I’m gonna stop this craziness right now!

I was unproductive and I’m proud of it!!!!! 

Ha! Beat that mindset, workaholic society!!!!

(Sorry I get sassy when I’m happy)

But seriously this is such a bad habit we’ve picked up over the years. I don’t know about you, but I always feel sorta guilty when I decide to take a break from work. Like it’s something bad and I have to do it in secret……… But why? We deserve to take a break every now and then (read: every day for at least an hour). I actually work better after I spent some time just goofing off…

Why does society expect us to work 24/7…..?

People deserve a break without having to feel guilty about it!!!!

Procrastination Rules!!!!!! 😛

(weeell sometimes… 😉 )

My few moments of blissful silence…..

The sun is streaming through the window as I once again sit on the floor, apparently my favorite spot at the moment. A little square of sunshine illuminates the place where I sit, creating a warm glow just for me. The house is completely quiet. No one else is awake, but me. Not even the birds are chirping yet. The buildings in the distance are consumed by fog, which is quickly evaporating as the sun grows stronger.

This is why I love waking up early. It seems to be the only time when there is absolute silence. I feel like I’m in a little world of my own. Anything can happen. Everything is still possible. ❤

Oh. I can hear my dad walking around downstairs. So much for my peace and quiet…..

Time to start the coffee machine 😉

415 picmonkey 2

Have a marvelous *insert British accent here* day!!!!! 😛