This love has taken it’s toll, she said goodbye too many times before

(Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the heading I’m just listening to the song at the moment and I love it 🙂 😍)

Do you know that feeling when everything is just too much!!!!! School, friends, blogging, life, just everything!!! I feel like I’m in some dream watching passively day in day out, sometimes trying to grasp hold of something only to let it slip away moments later…

Graduation is app. 1 year away and already they are making us write like this HUGE essay and there’s no avoiding it otherwise we’re not allowed to participate in the final exams. And the platform where we were supposed to upload our layout and index (yes it needs an index) and yadiyadiyaa crashed!!! For like A WEEK!!! And all the schools are freaking out, all the teachers are nervous and I’m not even mentioning the stress the students are feeling (I should add, Austria’s school system changed drastically half a year ago and we’re all still trying to cope with the alterations…. the essay is one of them… *shudders in disgust*)

All my friends talk about is the stupid essay and the crashed site and how stressed they all are and, I don’t know about you, but that makes me even MORE stressed and strung out and panicky. The teachers are constantly asking us if the website is back on and if we already upload our things because the deadline is next week!! And don’t even get me STARTED on the idiotic bibliography rules!!!!!!

Did I mention that I have lost the ability of falling asleep on my own and now have to listening to calming sleep music (you know waterfalls, and waves and stuff) to make my head stop thinking and allow my body a few seconds of rest. Of course I wake up with the freaking sun, which NORMALLY I love but daaaaaaaamn I needs ma sleep too!!!!!!!!!!!

Also it’s still winter and everything is dark and so, so cold. And I hate the dark and the cold and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna survive this. I know I will. But sweet cookie it’s gonna be a rough journey….

P.S.: You may have figured this out already, but my blogging schedule….practically nonexistent at the moment…. I’ll blog whenever I find the time. I hope you guys don’t mind too badly 🙂 I just can’t have another responsibility right now.



Plowing through my sluggish mind


I dedicate this post to complete randomness, as all I want to do is write,but my mind is to tired to think of something creative…..       

(yup, that’s me)

This post was inspired by a blogger I’ve been following and I thought: “Ay, that sounds like a hoot and a half! Might as well give it a try!!”

(Ok so I may not have thought those exact words…. 😛 ) 

So anyways there are a couple of procedures I must fulfill to participate in this activity, so if you just want to skip down to the fun I promise I won’t mind and- oh look!- there’s even a little bubble for you to follow, so that your scrolling is easier °  (I don’t think I mentioned, but when this whole thing is finish it should be a Thinking Out Loud post 😉 )

Ok step one: Link back to RunnningWithSpoons (my inspiration)

Hmmm I already did that….. Let’s do it again just to be sure, ok? All righty then I once again present to you the (meanwhile famous) link

Puuuurfect 😺 🙂 ok what now!? *claps in hands enthusiastically* 

Let’s see……humdi humdi hum……. Well, woulda look at that! I’m done!!!

Now, after this crazy long introduction…. Let the games begin!!


  • You know what really annoys me? That there is no freaking way to make that ‘1’ over there any bigger or fancier or flashier!!!!!! Like aaaaaaah stand up for your self dammit!!!

[Update: I had to switch to bullet points, as the numbers got into a bar fight and were suspended for a week.]

  • I finally faced the sad and undeniable truth… I have never been less in a christmasy mood. You know why? My last exam is on the 23rd of December. 23RD!!!!!!!!!!!! Like are you trying to steal my christmas spirit?? Do you want to destroy my happiness???!  Huh? HUH??? o.O
  • Speaking of Christmas, I feel like having some cookies.
  • Oh Gosh… So I googled “cookies” in Google Images BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE CENTURY!!! I’m literally drooling all over my dashboard.





(Oh sweet mother of goose!!!)

  • Ok so I literally just spent the last 30 minutes looking at cookie pictures……..
  • Don’t judge me……….

Ah geeez is it that late already??? Sorry people I’m off to bed 

Thank you for sticking with me through this amazingly stressful time and not leaving even though 90% of this post consisted of cookie pictures. 😛

Sleep tight!!!!! 

Oh just one of those days….

Oh I’m so glad today is finally over!!! Today was such a painful day!!!

It wasn’t because I’d had too little sleep and was tired the whole day or that the lessons sucked (well that too, although not so much), but it seemed as though I were in a constant state of awkwardness and befuddlement…..
No seriously from the moment I woke up to the moment I stopped caring.

Let me elaborate.

*importantly clearing throat*

I finally arrived at school (I’d tell you about my morning, but it’s kinda foggy…. Actually I don’t remember it at all……. Did I eat breakfast?!?!? Must have otherwise I’d be dead……. Or the rest of the world at least…but I digress. Back to topic!!)

After an awkward encounter with a truck driver (which involved a lot of me wanting to cross the street while he was about to drive and me stopping so he could pass without killing me and him stopping so I could pass and then I started walking and he started driving, and aaaah!!! But never mind)

So. I arrived. First lesson. Latin. Everything started out fine, I got my books and sat on my spot, talked to my friends and waited for the teacher to come. I even got through morning prayers which we have to recite in LATIN (!!!!) *I’m gonna pause for a moment to let that fact sink in*

But then the teacher asked me something, that I didn’t understand  and for the love of bunnies I could not utter the simple phrase “Excuse me?”. What came out of my mouth sounded a little something like this. “well i ummmm well eeeeeeeeh i ummmmmmm naaaaaanonojidjakydk”

This went on for a 30 seconds until my mouth finally had the good sense of shutting itself and demanding my brain to activate some brain cells so that I could finally verbalize the apparently unutterable phrase.

The rest of the school day (thankfully) wasn’t quite as awkward (although I may or may not have repeatedly spilled my drink… We shall never know 0.0)

That is, until I wanted to order some coffee. (dun, dun, duuuun)

My mind fuddled up and I forgot what I wanted to order!!!

   doh smiley

I had to go back in line and start all over again………

I blame this on the school stress….

Can anyone relate?

……Please say yes……

Have A Break… Have A KitKat!

It’s 7:14 PM Wednesday and for the first time since school started I feel happy and content. 🙂

Sure, I still have homework to do, but I finally realized that taking a break is just as important as getting (most) of your work done.

The last 5 weeks have been just plain torture!!!! There was work, there were tests, vocab revisions, more work, dance classes, presentations,…. It started to get so bad that I felt like I didn’t have anything to look forward to anymore and I would wake up in the morning unmotivated and just plain depressed. It effected my school performance, and I was having real trouble sleeping too. I would go to bed at 11 PM and wake up at 5 AM, tossing and turning in between.

That was when someone who knows me really, really well, more or less, forced me to take a break and just relax!!!!! At first I couldn’t really do it. My mind kept going over today’s work, making to-do lists and thinking about the upcoming lessons and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah OVERLOAD!!!

So then I started writing down my free-time in my calendar,  e.g. Monday 5 PM FREE TIME and the moment the clock strikes 5 I HAVE TO stop what I’m doing, drop the freakin’ pen and chiiiill. 

I do this on a few different days as well and I’m prohibited (nice word, eh?) to study after dinner. Honestly I haven’t felt better in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time………………. I finally start sleeping better and I actually almost enjoyed myself in school today!!!  (I know O.o)

Seriously, if you feel like your head is about to implode at any moment now, here is my advice: Stop. Drop. Roll into bed and don’t forget to smell the flowers on the way!!!

Ok so this might be the most cheesiest ending ever 😛

Have a wonderful relaxing day!!!!! 😉