The post where risk depriving you of your human rights…

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!

Ok some of you  may remember me. I switch from a blog to a self hosted one a few months back. Ring a bell? Naah I don’t blame you 😉

Anyways the biggest drawback was losing all of you in the process.

But I just discovered a way to turn my biggest dream  (yes I have a pathetically lame life) into reality!!!

I can actually (and this is a real thing so hold on tight) “transfer” all you wonderful people from this blog to my new site!!!

How awesome is that!!?

fiesta smiley

Will that be okay for you? 🙂

I really hope it is.

But if not and you feel like I’m taking away your right of freedom just unfollow, ok?

No hard feelings.

Pinky Swear.

Ok, here goes.

Hopefully I’ll  see you on the other side!




I welcome change as long as nothing is altered or different :)

You know, as a teenager I keep changing my mind. (Ok, maybe it’s just me… Just…Go with it, ok?)

I change my mind about which T-Shirt is my favorite. I constantly have a different singer or music style I adore. I’ve switched from dream job to dream job more often than you can say “Quidditch”. (Anyone get the Harry Potter reference? 😛 ) I’ve repeatedly decided I want to stop with this blog only to write a new post 2 days later. My need for a best friend constantly varies. I have a gazillion cities I want to live in when I grow up.

Ok, I think you get my point. 🙂

Anyways I used to be terrified of change and all those changes, especially the ones concerning my future. They would freak me out and I would become all panicky and scared. I had to have a plan for the future!! I needed a strict set of steps I could follow and if I did everything accordingly all would be perfect in the end. Whenever this wasn’t the case, whenever there wasn’t a precise agenda I could lean on to, I felt like I was drifting aimlessly in the dark.

What I’m trying to say is, the more I glide toward my 18th birthday (5th April, presents are more than welcome 😉 😛 ❤ ) I realize everything falls into place on it’s own. Does that make any sense??

Here, let me give you an example: The dream job I had fix my mind on wasn’t making me happy and excited anymore, however I refused to budge from the path I had so carefully constructed. Then one day my mom brought home the box set of Grey’s Anatomy (of course I had to start watching immediately, the safety of the world depended on it) and as I watched all those doctors, intern, nurses and whatnot bustle around I felt my heart expand and I started to feel all light and happy. That was when I just knew that medicine was the right thing for me.

A similar thing happened with my dream home town. I knew I didn’t want to stay in Austria (even though it’s beautiful, the weather just depresses me too much) I desperately researched this town and that, countries in the north, countries in the south, big cities, small cities…. But whatever I found just didn’t seem right, you know?

Then a couple of weeks ago I was flipping through a magazine, I don’t remember why it was featured in there, but I came across an article about New Zealand. (I think it was something about having more sheep than humans…)


I felt the swelling in my heart again and now I know, I know (bold, italic and, underlined for extra emphases 😉 ) I want to at least try living in New Zealand. I can’t really explain it… Just this feeling. This deep satisfaction and… peace (?) as if I finally have at least a rough picture of where I belong.

Who knows, maybe I end up being a politician in Bratislava, but somehow I’m ok with that….

I’m finally not terrified of change anymore.



And here’s a cheesy quote to end this post juuuuust right 😉 :


*insert excited squeaking here*

Oooooooh I’m soooo excited, I’m going to a concert tonight!!!!!!


I’ve never been to a concert before (yes I know that’s sad. Don’t give me that look!) and oooooh I can’t wait until tonight!!! ❤ It’s One Republic in case any of you where wondering 😉 . I’m giddy with excitement 😀 practically jumping up and down,clapping my hands, twirling around, up the stairs, down the stairs……

giddy-red-crab(This is normally the moment where us German folk say: “Jes sas na” , don’t ask me why Germans are weird…..)

And now comes the age old question of every concert newbie (especially if you’re female): What do I wear??

No seriously I’m standing in front of my closet completely clueless….. Do I wear a skirt? Black jeans? Blue jeans? A T-Shirt? A sweater? I don’t know!!!!


#confusion o.O

I also just realized I have no idea what one does during a concert….dont no smiley

Does one dance?dancing smiley   Does one sing along?    All of the above? Gosh this is actually kinda embarrassing……. 17 years old and never been to a concert eieiei…..

Oh in case anyone was wondering (which you probably weren’t, but just play along 😉 ) I decided to go with the black jeans and a black T-Shirt, based on the fact that you can never go wrong with jeans and black 😛 .

Goodness gracious, it’s 5:44 PM!!!

I must get ready! Fair thee well!!!!




(I apologize for the excessive use of smileys in this post…. I hope you were still able to read the few words sprinkled in between the moving heads 🙂 and speaking of apologies: “I said it’s too late to apologize. It’s too late. Ooooh” 😛 )

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say    (*Whoo*)
Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break   (*Aaah*)
I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don’t care baby by the way

(Sorry…. Is the song stuck in your head now? Good *evil satisfied smirk with squinting eyes*)

I apologize.

*Ahem. Ahem.*

back to business.

Oh my goodness. I did absolutely nothing today. Nothing.

Zip, Nada, Niet.(I think the last one’s russian…. o.o )

Seriously, I got home from school plonked down on my bed listened….Waaaait!!!  I’m gonna make a list 😀 (I’ve always wanted to do one of those 😛 )

What I should be doing VS. What I am actually doing:

o Study Latin Vocab

o Study for Chemistry Test

o Study for Psycho Test

o Write English Homework

o Finish Math Homework

o Finish French Homework


+ Listening to Music

+ Cleaning my Room

+ Singing/ Dancing awkwardly around my Room

+ Feeding my Furdiburd ❤ 😛

+ Playing Mini-Games on Furdiburb

+ Wearing Super-Fluffy-White Socks (!!!!!!)

+ Blogging the day away

+ Being in a Frigging Awesome Mood!!!! 😀 ❤

I’m so happy right now I feel like I’m bubbling 🙂  I’ll probably hate myself tomorrow, but ….you know what NO!!!! I will not be one of those silly people who relax one day and curse themselves for it the next!!

Nawa I’m gonna stop this craziness right now!

I was unproductive and I’m proud of it!!!!! 

Ha! Beat that mindset, workaholic society!!!!

(Sorry I get sassy when I’m happy)

But seriously this is such a bad habit we’ve picked up over the years. I don’t know about you, but I always feel sorta guilty when I decide to take a break from work. Like it’s something bad and I have to do it in secret……… But why? We deserve to take a break every now and then (read: every day for at least an hour). I actually work better after I spent some time just goofing off…

Why does society expect us to work 24/7…..?

People deserve a break without having to feel guilty about it!!!!

Procrastination Rules!!!!!! 😛

(weeell sometimes… 😉 )

What I love about mornings…..

What I love about mornings….

I love waking up when the sun is rising. I just love watching the sky go from dark to light to violet to pink to orange to baby blue. I love the fact that the trees outside the window are not much more than a dark silhouette, that the clouds seem to be rippled and layered. The absolute silence. The drowse light. The promise of a new start.







I’d say that’s a good way to start a Monday. Don’t you? I wrote that somewhere around 7 AM just as the first rays of sunshine began to tickle the night sky.

(I swear I have morphed into a morning person and I actually like it O.o that’s uncanny even for me)

So at the moment I’m sitting on the floor of our living room in my PJ’s, drinking a cup of homemade cappuccino 🙂


Please note the serious amount of beautiful milk foam ❤

*Siiigh*……. A day cannot start right without the proper dosage of foamy, fluffy milk 😀

 (yes, I have a  problem)

And I’m actually enjoying Monday so far (I swear if every Monday would start out like this, I’d be as happy as a clam 🙂 )

Why am I  not running around like the average crazy person on a Monday, you ask? Well, the reason is quite simple my friends, I have no school today!!!!


I should explain. In case anyone was wondering I’m back from France (*sniff* I miss the ocean already 😦 )

and because they made us work our as  butt off there, the teachers gave us this day off to recuperate 😛

So here I am. Sitting on the floor. Watching the wind toss leaves into the bleak, gray sky (so much for the sunshine I was swooning about earlier…..) Writing a seemingless pointless post….

And I’ve never felt more content. 🙂 ❤




I’m gonna stop now before I disgust the rest of the human race….

Have a lovely day!!!!!!!

Subject: Terrified

Dear Marlena,
Hi!!! How have you been?



I’m scared. I am so scared…..

I’m waiting for the tram to go to Elmayer and….wait…. Did I tell you about Elmayer? Hmmmm….. I’ m not sure…. I’ll just quickly cover the basics in case I didn’t, so you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Elmayer is a “famous” ballroom dance school and it’s customary for the Viennese girls and boys to participate in a one year course there to learn the basics of ballroom dancing. The problem is that the oh-so-great Mr. Elmayer is a bit behind with the whole organisation thingy and up until now there have ALWAYS been too many girls!!!

Do you know how awkward and just plain humiliating it is to be rejected be 50 boys at the same time!!!! And not just once, but twice!!!!! Two times in a row nobody wanted to be my dance partner…. That’s about 100 rejections in 2 weeks……!!

Do I at least get some sort of price? Or a medal? “Most rejected girl of the month” must be some sort of achievement…. Maybe I can put it on my resume…..

I swear if today is just another hour of standing around watching other couples dance while contemplating the different methods of escaping I will quit!! I do not need this!!! My self-esteem is already low and just because it’s easy to reach does not mean it needs to be stomped on!!

Gosh Marly if you knew how fast my heart is racing right now…….. My hands are literally shaking as I type and I’m wondering why the feathers I ever left the comfort of my room……….

Oh my Gosh the tram has reached my stop!!! I have to get out now……

Ohgosh oh gosh ohgoshohgosh I can’t take this!!!! Ok breath. Breath!! I have to go. Wish me luck.

Cora xx

I wish I were Cinderella….

Thursday Night Fever

Hey guys.

What’s up? 🙂 Sooooooooo….. As you may know today is Thursday. Well to be more precise it’s Thursday evening. Ok well actually it’s Thursday night. And I can’t fall asleep which ya know kinda sucks due to the fact that I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow morning (yeah thanks a lot school)…….. Does anyone know how to make evil smileys? You know like the red little grumpy faces with the tiny horns? No? Well ok then…. As I was saying it’s 11:07 PM and I can’t fall asleep even though I must…. hey look I can write in color!!!!! Hmmm I can’t go back….. well this is awkward….. nope I don’t like this color…. Ok seriously how do I undo this!!!!!!

Well, Oh my Gosh it’s back to normal!!!!!!!! O.O as I was saying…. wait what was I saying…. right sleep…. I must….yet can’t….. I tried pretty much everything there is. I transported myself to my “happy place” and stayed there for a while…..



Then I counted back from 100 (now that is a theory not worth trying, somewhere along 53 my mind got bored and decided to go for a walk. And it has yet to return….)

Theeen I made myself some tea




And now I’m writing this post. Anyone got any genius falling asleep ideas? Maybe I should check wikihow, I’m sure I’ll find something useful there…. Or I could read a book…. Yeah that sounds nice I’ll read a book!! Yaay go me!! And you know what I’m starting to feel a little tired……….

Good Night World!!! 🙂