Subject: Terrified

Dear Marlena,
Hi!!! How have you been?



I’m scared. I am so scared…..

I’m waiting for the tram to go to Elmayer and….wait…. Did I tell you about Elmayer? Hmmmm….. I’ m not sure…. I’ll just quickly cover the basics in case I didn’t, so you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Elmayer is a “famous” ballroom dance school and it’s customary for the Viennese girls and boys to participate in a one year course there to learn the basics of ballroom dancing. The problem is that the oh-so-great Mr. Elmayer is a bit behind with the whole organisation thingy and up until now there have ALWAYS been too many girls!!!

Do you know how awkward and just plain humiliating it is to be rejected be 50 boys at the same time!!!! And not just once, but twice!!!!! Two times in a row nobody wanted to be my dance partner…. That’s about 100 rejections in 2 weeks……!!

Do I at least get some sort of price? Or a medal? “Most rejected girl of the month” must be some sort of achievement…. Maybe I can put it on my resume…..

I swear if today is just another hour of standing around watching other couples dance while contemplating the different methods of escaping I will quit!! I do not need this!!! My self-esteem is already low and just because it’s easy to reach does not mean it needs to be stomped on!!

Gosh Marly if you knew how fast my heart is racing right now…….. My hands are literally shaking as I type and I’m wondering why the feathers I ever left the comfort of my room……….

Oh my Gosh the tram has reached my stop!!! I have to get out now……

Ohgosh oh gosh ohgoshohgosh I can’t take this!!!! Ok breath. Breath!! I have to go. Wish me luck.

Cora xx

I wish I were Cinderella….